Getting Merry at Ocado?

I’m guessing they’re not short of bottles or tipples in the Ocado office…

It€™s the season of plenty, so take advantage of the fact we€™re open between Christmas and New Year to stock up on any festive essentials.

Friday 25th December 2009 No Deliveries
Saturday 26th December 2009 No Deliveries
Sunday 27th December 2009 No Deliveries
Monday 28th December 2009 Deliveries as usual
Tuesday 29th December 2009 Deliveries as usual
Wednesday 30th December 2009 Deliveries as usual
Thursday 31th December 2009 AM deliveries only
Friday 1st December 2009 No Deliveries
Saturday 2nd January 2009 PM deliveries only
Thursday  3rd January 2009 Deliveries as usual

Whether you€™re running low on buffets, bottles, nibbles or tipples, we€™ll get everything right to your kitchen table before you can say €œ€¦a partridge in a€”€

You’ve got to admire the crescendo of mistakes, though. Genius.

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