On Chocolate and Patriotism

I’ve harboured a shameful secret during the whole Kraft/Cadbury controversy. The whole episode has stirred up such an emotional outpouring of chocolate-based nostalgia that I’ve felt quite remote from the whole thing. Because although I find the early history interesting and rather impressive, I find the chocolate mostly tastes like skimmed milk, fat and sugar. Which it mostly is.

But the secret is worse: the chocolate I eat most is made by Kraft.

I secretly thought perhaps the influence of Kraft might improve the quality of the chocolate. But I don’t admire what has emerged today about Kraft’s dubious business ethics. I used to enjoy walking along the river between Keynsham and Cadbury Heath; it’s sad to think there won’t be a chocolate factory there anymore, but it’s much worse that Kraft were so cynical in raising workers’ hopes.

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