Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival

An excellent evening last night sampling welsh beers at the CIA (Cardiff International Arena), a space so huge it made the enormous bar and crowded tables look small and insignificant.

Here’s what I consumed:

  • Brecon County Ale, a gently hoppy balanced ale from Breconshire (3.7%)
  • Holly Hop, a very floral hoppy bitter which grew on me, from Bryncelyn (3.9%)
  • Jacobi Dark, a malty caramel flavour, not my thing (5.0%)
  • Jacobi Light, pleasant but forgettable bitter (3.8%)
  • Old Mariners, a well balanced malty bitter from Preseli Tenby (4.0%)
  • Baggy Wrinkle, a hoppier best bitter, also from Preseli Tenby, delicious (4.5%)
  • Snowdonia, a deliciously hoppy golden bitter perfect for a hot summer day, from Purple Moose (3.6%), more please

I think there was another one not in the catalogue, but I’m struggling to remember!

I joined CAMRA, who gave me the Good Beer Guide 2009 for free.  I looked at the pubs in Lewes and Seaton and found its selection to be somewhat random…

The Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival continues today and tomorrow.

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