More Tredinnick Early Day Motions on Homeopathy

Oh dear. Among the many depressing things to happened already in this Parliament, is the Conservatives putting David Tredinnick on the health select committee.  Yes, that David Tredinnick who was revealed in the expenses scandal to have claimed for astrology software, and who now has tabled early day motions calling for the NHS to be allowed to fund homeopathy again, and citing studies which claim it is effective in treating breast cancer and depression. (Simon Singh debated Tredinnick on Today yesterday morning.)

Julian Huppert MP has tabled amendments correcting the inaccuracies in Tredinnick’s EMDs and I’ve written to my MP asking him to sign them to

to support the most effective use of limited NHS funds at a time when the public sector is being cutback, and to support evidence based decision making.

If you’re in the UK I’d urge you to do the same.

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