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This is a combine to test and review for dragon dictate. Dragon dictate is a combined iPhone and I pad app that converts your speech into text. It’s a free output, and it’s been available for a while in the US, but is now available in the UK, which means I don’t have to do my dreadful cod American accent. I have to say, it’s pretty good, and to prove it I am speaking this review and I shall not heading out any mistakes so you can see the kind of accuracy when I am speaking at close to normal speed. It does require an Internet connection, and this has caused the occasional problem when the signal has been lost, however you can start and stop dictation and it will pick up where you have left off. Oddly it seems to have no way of clearing the text you have spoken. You have to speak punctuation, and hI’m not yet sure how much punctuation it understands. It has built in the facility to post to twitter and Facebook, the ability to post to WordPress would be an excellent feature. Unfortunately it doesn’t have this yet. The main problem I can see with it, is that although it opens the possibility of speaking instead of typing, and so dictating on the move, I think I might feel quite silly dictating into my phone. I suppose I could always pretend I was talking to someone. It’s a great alternative option, any way, for posting to your blog by shouting into your phone.

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