Thank You, Guardian Cardiff

I moved to Cardiff in January 2010.

In March that year the Guardian launched a new hyperlocal news site “Guardian Cardiff”. As a newbie to the city (I really had literally only fleetingly visited on a couple of occasions prior to moving here) having such an engaged, relevant and active hub for all things local has been of enormous benefit to me as I settled into and discovered the place. It wasn’t just finding out what was going on (though that was the best place for it) but also who and what I should know about and follow, the blogs, activities, experts and authorities that would have taken me months or years to learn so much about. All this, thanks to the creativity and commitment of @hrwaldram, the journalist behind it. It brought me local news with speed, relevance and authority; laced with rich media and social context. Now, as the Guardian winds down this great service, the knowledge and the network I have gained stayed with me.

Why is it not continuing? Recently it was announced that the ‘experiment’ of these sites (there are others in Edinburgh and Leeds) would be wound down. It seems a terrible shame to me. Others are better placed to comment on the impact and transformation on local journalism.

But for me, if there was going to be a “Guardian Cardiff” for just 15 months it could not have been better timed. So thank you!

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