Agree, Steve Punt’s already a bit Eric Idleish, especially in appearance. I guess they reckoned that was enough. Worse was the lazy reliance on a pipe or an American accent to identify other team members. The actor doing Cleese had moments of Cleesiness (uttering the words “jolly good”) that elevated the performance above basic moustache wearing. I read Jones’ tweet that the Rufus Jones looked more like him when he was doing Helen Palin before I saw the show and thought it was a joke – turns out it wasn’t – he really did look Terry Jonesey as Mrs P.

Though I thought the actor doing Palin looked more like Wilson from House, it really was extraordinary the way he picked up all the Palin speech patterns and characteristics – I’d love to see him in something else now, to know how much is natural similarity and how much was studied mimicry.