You’re right, but then again, you’re absolutely wrong! It’s religious wars time.

I think the only justification for using a smartphone as a DSLR replacement is if you’re worried about the weight of “stuff” that you’re carrying. Thus, I use my iPhone and my small Lumix DMC TZ-10 when I’m walking – out for the day, snapping if you like! That’s the only  justification for using these devices.

Your arguments for using an iPhone are (unusually for you) just plain out of left-field (or is that right-field) and wrong! 

Sharing – yes it’s nice to share photos when you”re out and about but you surely don’t select your equipment on that as a criteria. talk about dumbing down! What’s more it takes time away from the pleasure of the walk and gets you into a tizwaz if 3G isn’t up to scratch if you’re walking thinking about sharing. Sharing when walking is an afterthought and should never interfere with the walk. Then you talk about editing being easier on the iPhone – well yes it is, if all you want to do is add a filter, or crop the picture, but is that all you aspire to achieving? [I know from previous conversations that you’ve bemoaned the quality/features of the cataloguing on the mobile apps. Just relax and do it when you’re back home … in the warm.]

Then you talk about the screen. Really … I only use my DSLR screen to see if I’ve got the exposure right (using the histogram) and got the image sharp (using the zoom) – ie setting up the shot, not for composition because I know I’ll get that right in editing, especially if I bracket the shot. And then … nothing can compensate for the lens you have to work with. So forget about the sensor – it’s all about the lens. So can’t do much about what he has to work with, can he?

So, where do I think things are going? There’s place for both. When I want to take pictures, I’ll use my DSLR with my tripod. When I want to walk and enjoy the company of the people I’m walking with – real social and sharing – I’ll use my iPhone/Lumix.

Guess it’s about time for another session in The Goat Major 🙂