I’m just watching this episode right now on COZI TV and started laughing when Mrs. Peel informs Steed that the plant that crashed into the space capsule is “from Mars… or possibly the Moon” because apparently scientists have found “great swathes of vegetation up there” or some-such nonsense. I had forgotten that line; it’s been a while since I’ve watched The Avengers and was happy to find it on COZI.

I put this episode down as “so bad, it’s fun to watch”. I find it more fun than the similarly-themed Tom Baker Dr. Who episode, except for that one line when Sarah Jane saves the Doctor from being ground up in the trash compacter-composter and he yells, “It would have been such a waste!” regarding his impending demise. The Avengers’ episode has the virtue of not taking itself too seriously while the Doctor Who episode presents itself with a much straighter face.

Mrs. Peel, making a joke about not being not worried about the plant eating her because, “Well, it’s only a MAN-eater.” Then the look Steed shoots her. Priceless.