“Face the Raven” Review


Just as we reach the episodes I’ve most been looking forward to this season, I’ve unavoidably fallen behind. At the time of writing, Heaven Sent has aired but I haven’t seen it. I’m going to keep my thoughts on this brief so I can go and watch it!

Lots of things to love here. It’s a great setup – following on from the Zygon migrants, we have what is effectively a refugee camp, but with a Hobbesian social contract underpinned by a particularly severe sanction. The return of Ashildr, now the Mayor, is a particularly perfect development – again, the interplay with the Doctor is exhilerating. Rigsy, somewhat underused, is a good choice of ‘victim’ to get the story off to a flying start – and it’s good to see him again.

The following spoilers are just for Face the Raven, but they’re significant, so don’t read without watching!

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