“World Enough and Time” and “The Doctor Falls” Podcast

My thoughts on this week’s Doctor Who can be found in the latest edition of the Fusion Patrol podcast in which Eugene and I discuss the two part finale.

We first talk about last week’s episode (which I have already blogged about) and then at 32’10” move onto this week’s (which I haven’t). In short, The Doctor Falls confounded my fears that last week’s build up would deliver a disappointing climax: once again Moffat has structured room to breathe into this base-under-siege Western that by rights ought to feel overwhelmed by everything it has to deliver.

Running through, the two Masters storyline was perfect, exploring two aspects of The Master whilst revelling in their excellent interplay. The way they bickered, the way they planned, the way they killed each other! Simm gives a different and delicious version of his Master – redeeming the presentation of his character in his previous two outings – and playing up to Gomez, who absolutely surpasses herself.

I had three disappointments all in the last 10 minutes or so (not showing The Master’s regeneration, the magic release for Bill and – a pet hate of mine – an egregious piece of recasting). But they pale in comparison to the magnificence of this, the best series finale ever for Doctor Who which was a brilliant story in its own right – exploring identity, values, and what makes us who we are – as well as a superb conclusion to the Master’s story in this season arc, and indeed over the last 46 years.

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