“Me Before You (2016)” Review

This is a bit depressing. Still, one can’t do these things sober.

Why did I watch it?

Because it was filmed in Pembrokeshire – in and around Pembroke Castle.

Did it meet expectations?

I was expecting this to be awful because (a) the reviewers were less the wholehearted about the leading performances and (b) it has been criticised for its take on disability.

On (a) it didn’t quite meet my expectations. I can see that Emilia Clarke‘s simple good natured schtick might grate on some people rather quickly, but I’m very partial to simple good nature. Clarke is lovely; and there’s great support from Janet McTeer, Charles Dance, Jenna Coleman, Joanna Lumley and Philomena Cunk.

The criticism for (b) is – mild spoilers here – around the fact that the quadriplegic character feels he would rather die than live with his disability. Now it’s not that I can’t imagine someone feeling that way, and I am pro-choice, but when there are so few films about quadriplegics, do you really want to watch one where the story is entirely predicated on the lead character being unable to find any worth in living with his disability? I don’t.

You should watch it if…

  • You want a superficial doomed romance story and won’t bother looking too deeply at the moral

You shouldn’t watch it if…

  • You’re looking for a film which empowers disabled characters

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