Dan, I totally agree with you about sandwiches. I happily can get sandwiches that are locally sourced, and prepared 50 feet from my office. Which is one of the reasons why I think our demacracy does give us some choice.

I also agree we need to develop local ecomonies. If the worst happens, it is these that will sustain us, but perhaps more importantly local economies are the foundations of local communities, and the scales have tipped to far the other way.

The super-rich and the super powerful are not the same. I’ve met more of the latter than the former… And I entirely disagree with the premiss you can’t trust someone you haven’t met. You put every journalist, every writer in one catagory and label them twisted. Media ownership distorts the news agenda, yes. But the media are twisted, hypnotisists? Too general, unfair.

Ultimately involvement in the political process isn’t easy. I’ve known people who have dedicated their free time, campaigning, convincing, cooperating and compromising to get things done. You don’t win all the arguments, and you have to be open to understanding entirely opposing views. But to achieve something, however little (and you’re right, Kyoto is too little) has to be better than simply being right.

Thanks for the notice on the R4 prog, sounds v. interesting.