Angels Stole My Telephone Box

“‘Sparrow and Nightingale Investigate’ Nah, it’s too ITV.”

Oh yeah? If the BBC pass up “Antiquarian Book and DVD sellers Sally and Larry investigate timey wibbley wobbly things”, they’re fools. Fools. Do it instead of Torchwood.

And wasn’t Carey Mulligan so much better (and, as the good DI said, hotter) than in Bleak House?

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3 thoughts on “Angels Stole My Telephone Box

  1. It’s a brilliant potential spin-off! A sort of homely, rougher-around-the-edges, UK-based Mulder & Scully!

    Torchward is poor. The Sarah Jane Smith pilot was better even though its a pure kids’ programme.

  2. Hi there! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I could never understand why Torchwood went out on a Sunday evening, but Sparrow & Nightingale would be classic comfy Sunday telly. Gripping adventure, cushion-hugging horror, and back home safe for a cup of cocoa at the end.

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