@Gridman There seems to be a mania for re-envisioning right now. Anything that can be described as a reboot or reimagining (anything but a remake, basically), from Batman and Bond to Star Trek etc. I guess it’s easier than thinking of something new.

I don’t have a problem with it if it adds something. But as you say there has to be a benefit over watching the original (and not just because it’s in colour/in your own language/set in your own country, either!)

L&O has, I’m sure, been described by Wolf as a “brand”. It’s not a description I like (I’d rather be a viewer than a consumer) but if the qualities are great performances and great writing as well as the destinctive storytelling style, then L&O UK was always destined to be somewhat watered down since the writing could only echo what had already been done, better, fifteen years before.