Ginger is a married gay sign maker in the states,The Hamptons.An aristocrat, her politics are ,as we call it, a Hucklebee.Why would you want to be her?

Actually, my cat’s an alien. She’s psychic and her body language is better than most hookers. Do you think an episode about psychic cats (feline domestica) would work on Torchwood?

I’m a fan,that I am,as an ex-patriot,of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Dropped in on LittleStorp-on-the-Swuff and ,quite frankly,I was pleasantly surprised at the current topic.Is it really big in the U’K’? The US is not up to snuff,licking the wounds and not thinking ahead.Their Sci-fi is banal and unrewarding. TY Pls to be here. Keith A.