“One For The Mortuary” Lost Episode Review

The first Big Finish box set now takes a jump ahead to episode 13 from the first season. The scripts of episodes 4 & 5 are missing and episode 6, The Girl on the Trapeze, still exists. But other scripts earlier in the season than this one are slated to be adapted for the next box set, so it’s not entirely clear what order is being followed here.

Steed plans to use Keel’s attendance at the WHO in Geneva (still finding a link to tie in to Keel’s ‘day job’). He’s to take a secret formula the villains will kill to get their hands on (the criminals have taken a step up in ambition, and in style – the assassin wears an eye patch). Indeed, Steed’s colleagues seem to have a very limited life expectancy; and I’m starting to wonder how they recruit new agents fast enough to fill all the vacancies due to extinction.

There are a series of accidents, some to the benefit of the baddies, some benefitting Keel, which lead to him spending the third act in the emporium of a part taxidermist, part pet-undertaker – a typical Avengers eccentric.

There’s also an enjoyable performance from Francesca Hunt as Yvette who provides Keel with an opportunity to do his good samaritan bit, and proves to be a charming and interesting red herring. Unfortunately the ultimate twist is very, very obvious. All the same, it’s a great fun episode to conclude this treasure trove of superb ‘restorations’.

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