Avenging August

A bit slack on my viewing this month – but it is the summer hols! Mopped up the end of series 5 with it’s more sober tone, and then veered wildly into the Tara King era with a couple of  weak episodes but ending on a more optimistic note.

Some news to report this month, too, with blu-ray releases announced of series 5 in the US (h/t @lone_locust) and series 4 in the UK. Depending on what the reviews say about picture quality, I’m seriously tempted by the latter. Only series 4 onwards are likely to be contenders for high definition releases, because they were shot on 35mm where previously the show was broadcast live, or recorded as live on videotape.

From series 5 I watched:

From series 6 I watched:

Pick of August: Murdersville

Episodes remaining: 30 (7.5 per month)

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