“Robot of Sherwood” Review and Podcast

I suppose I should have realised that there was a danger that having two iconic heroes in one story would result in a pissing contest. I had hoped that among the things this more mature Doctor would have left behind would have included his ego; alas we get a rather petulant Twelve who at first I took to be channelling Malcolm Tucker in his aggressive put-downs to Locksley. On reflection, though, I can imagine any of the recent Doctors – Ten, Eleven… Even Nine (remember his switching a banana for Captain Jack’s sonic blaster?) in that scene, and unlike the last two episodes that feel like they’ve been ever-so-carefully crafted for Capaldi’s Doctor this feels like it could have slotted in with any 20th Century Who. Despite that small quibble, magnified because just 3 episodes into his run, Capaldi’s performance is still what we’re all scrutinising, I do think Mark Gatiss crafted a superbly balanced piece that acknowledged and respected Robin Hood whilst keeping the Doctor at the centre of the action. Bravo.

It’s also a beautifully shot episode. Top entertainment, too.

Here’s Eugene and me discussing it all at far greater length on Fusion Patrol:

Bodiam Castle Moat

Oh, and did any other Sussex folk spot that the castle exterior is Bodiam, which starred in The King’s Demons?

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