Avenging September

September’s episodes have been as variable as Tara’s hair. Two episodes I’d never seen before represented opposite ends of the quality spectrum (The Morning After and Look (Stop Me…)). But I’d had low expectations of series 6, so the average (so far) has been slightly better I’d thought even if the variance is high and there have been some truly terrible stories. This is a pleasant surprise, since I think I’d remembered series 5 being slightly better than it actually proved to be.

I’m getting quite close to the end, with just 14 episodes still to go and 3 months left. Maybe I should be thinking about stretch targets…

I watched 16 episodes from series 6:

Pick of August: The Morning After. Though I have admitted to enjoying Noon Doomsday and All Done With Mirrors quite a lot.

Episodes remaining: 14 (4.7 per month)

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