Letter to My MP on the DUP Deal

After Thursday’s extraordinary election result, I have had trouble keeping up with the news, let alone my thoughts on it.

But one thing in particular concerns me a great deal – the sudden elevation in importance of the extremist Democratic Unionist Party which the Theresa May has been rumoured variously to be seeing a coalition or confidence and supply agreement with.

My MP is still a Conservative, albeit with a majority reduced from around 5K to 314, so I’ve written to him expressing my concerns. I have two particularly major worries:

Firstly, the DUP stands on a platform of extreme illiberal policies on homosexuality and women’s rights and opposes equal marriage. I do not wish to see any of the mainstream political parties associate themselves with extremists who stand against British values.

Secondly, the British Government must remain impartial in its role in mediating power sharing in Northern Ireland. I cannot see how it can possible do that if a deal is made with one of the parties involved, even if that deal is published so that the agreement is totally transparent. As I am old enough to remember the troubles, in this matter I hope you will put country before party.

I would urge you not to accept any formal agreement with the DUP.

If you share my concerns and your MP is a Conservative, maybe write to them too?

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