“The Springers” Lost Episode Review

Note: as mentioned, I’ve been delving into my drafts folder; first up are some Lost Episodes of The Avengers as produced on audio by Big Finish. This one is from the third volume; by the time it came out Big Finish had announced their Steed/Peel stories based on the Diana comics. Draft reviews of them to come too.

Dr Keel gets sent down. He’s undercover as an inmate, helping Steed pursue the orchestrators of a series of daring prison breaks. I wonder if this was in anyway an inspiration for Cathy’s incarceration in Holloway in Intercrime?

The convict whose identity Keel has adopted is the next ‘client’ of these extrication artists. So this is an episode that combines regular thugs, as common in the early episodes, with the Avengersish setting of a girls’ school.

Steed gets a (female) assistant who, like Tara, is a fellow professional (she works for One-Ten). Like Tara, she’s quite a bit younger (she passes for 18). It’s a fun partnership which seems very underplayed by later standards. Spinoff series, please, Big Finish?

Overall another highly entertaining episode. It’s so good to have these beautifully constructed remounts of these stories.

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