That’s be my tu’pence worth. Due to the exchange rate, that’d make our opinions more expensive – except I think it’s probably pre-decimalisation, making them considerably cheaper.

I do have a 40GB iPod (which just recently has become too small for my collection) so I don’t need masses of music on the Shuffle. I just want something more portable for short trips, the old 4G iPod can continue to come along on train journeys. And so I’d happily give half the Shuffle over to storage.

However, you make a good point in that if I could find a drive the size of (the other half) of the old shuffle, the total size would be no greater. Plus the new shuffle seems about £15 cheaper so it wouldn’t cost anymore in total.

All the same, comparing the Shuffles, I’d like the simplicity of just being able to plug the thing into my laptop. No leads, no dock, no fuss.

Still wavering.