I for one am excited about the prospect of AV in the UK parliamentary elections! While it has no direct impact on those of us in the US, it will stand out like a beacon of hope. It will show that the world’s oldest and most entrenched democracies can change; that it is possible to have a dialog on the nature of fairness, accuracy in reflecting the people’s will and the ability to make course corrections when time has passed by older systems of voting.

It’s also a blow against the entrenched party system – a system that perpetuates the differences instead of commonalities in our political discourse.

If there’s hope for the UK, then there’s hope for the US, which “enjoys” (and I use that term sarcastically) about a 51/49% split in public opinion, but that produces wild swings from side to side when public opinion only swings fractionally.

Yes, something like STV in a larger constituencies with multiple representatives would be better, but AV is a good start down that road.

Don’t let us down, the rest of the world is watching!