25 Films

I wanted to watch 25 new (to me) films before the vernal equinox but I’d watched that many before the solstice.

There’s no pattern or logic to the choices of films – they’re just things I’ve been meaning to watch, some for a couple of months (or less), some for a couple of decades (or more). But they had to be films I’d never seen, something I’d resolved in order to get myself out of the habit of comfort watching familiar movies or TV episodes…

Here’s what I watched.











I feel like a cheated a bit with Turks & Caicos/Salting the Battlefield because they’re TV movies, but I’ve got plenty of time before the days equal the nights to watch a few more, and an apparently undiminished pile of movies I’ve been intending to watch (how come I barely seem to have made a dent?)

If you haven’t seen these 25 films either (or not all of them) then my recommended viewing – the top quartile, if you will – is: The Death of Stalin, Blade Runner 2049Citizen Kane, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Shawshank Redemption and best of all Brazil. Honourable mention to Under the Skin.

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